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released November 30, 2013

Stanislav Jelínek - guitar, programming
Zuzana Jelínková - vocal
Dušan Mikulec - guitar, programming
Filip Chudý - bass
Jan Kylar - drums

Josef Kozumplik - trumpet
Eoghan O Reilly - spoken word

Recorded at studio Šopa (September - October 2013)

Sound Engineer by Stanislav Valášek

Mixed & Mastered by Stanislav Valášek (October 2013)

Produced by Stanislav Jelínek & Dušan Mikulec

Lyrics: Dušan Mikulec

Album art: Pepa Prokop



all rights reserved


Dying Passion Sumperk, Czech Republic

Band is defined by Zuzana's stunning vocals, beautiful melodies, urgent guitars fused with poignant keyboard parts to form an untypical mixture of 70's psychadely, modern progressive rock energy with big dose of melancholy.

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Track Name: Prologue
You make thousands of decisions every day,
most of them are unimportant,
but some of them, just a few, are based on your pure natural urge to enjoy your
life as best as you can.

Dou you make the right decisions? What does the best choice look like?
Some of them seem right. But you can never be sure of the consequences.

If you want more, the hell with the consequences.
Track Name: Ordinary
It's just another day
Dissolving in the dust of every other day
That someone else lived, not you
You are asking one question only
How long do you have to wait to live by yourself
Defend your pride, you deserve it
Don’t step aside and do not go astray
One step the wrong way and you can lose it all
Be patient, your day will finally come

You have lived so long such an ordinary life
Now it’s time choose your own way
Leave all the worries behind you
Everything is better than what you’ve got

You could be strong, you could be decisive
But one day you'll just break
It’s impossible to live just for everybody else
It’s time to be a bit more selfish

Curiosity and faith in yourself
Makes your mind so blind
There will be no troubles anymore
Throw away your fear
You've never been so sure
Track Name: Highlight
Your thoughts are driven by the desire
Step into the fire, it´s now or never
You´re counting seconds until you fly
To the better place where you are
Far away from all the stupid faces

You wish to make them disappear
So why are they still here?
It´s eating you alive
Just hide and wait for a right moment
When no one’s watching
And then you can feel the light

Feel the light
Stare into dark of the night
Fall into infinity
Reach the place of your desire, fly
Live the life that's running in your veins
Be the one who takes the chance

The game that has begun
It´s for you to control
All around is so much fun
Keep calm until you dive into another life
It's easy now to enjoy the moment
Track Name: Futile
After the sleep
When rest of the day is so futile to do something
You can't go back to bed
You’re trying to find excuses for wasted time
Between four blank walls where your regrets live
It’s hard to stay calm when you are all alone

Sleepy eyes, where have you been?
Right between illusion and dream
Constant lies
You have believed those empty words
Lead your hollow life

Fade like steam, find some place
Where you can’t hear your judgement
Tomorrow you will sleep and live as it should be
The dark river can turn to the omnipresent agony
Track Name: Affraid of dusk
Evening is coming and you´re ready to go
Your blood is boiling in your veins
And you are ready for the show

Words are outrunning your thoughts
Stories blend to themselves

Catch the breath and
Feel the light again

When you are the only one who knows
Words are outrunning your thoughts
Stories blend to themselves
You feel so safe in this place
But the morning is approaching

Like the storm
Your eyelids are heavy
Something is going wrong
Get back into the flow
Consequences put aside
Every second counts
So live right now

Touch the ground
The world is upside down
Turn around

Nothing's behind you
Nothing's in front of you
There's no right choice
Maybe next time
Is this for the last time?
Or is this forever?
This is your last time
Don´t ever say never

Just imagine
what kind of life you can have
All the certain things
You can count on that's what you hated
Ordinary life
But now you have to choose
Certainty or fear
It´s an obvious thing right now

Would you step back
To live your life again
better way

This place was so safe
But the morning is reality
Track Name: A different perspective
When the sun shines cold
There's a path you see so clear now
So many times you were told
There's no other way to go
It seems so easy at this time
You shouldn't cross the line
Nothing more that you should do

You feel full of will to live
The world looks just so simple
Be the one you wanted to be
And forget all that painful moments
When you realize
That you are going straight to damnation

What do you dream about
Where are the chains that bound you
Losing the chance to escape untouched
But you still think you can make it
How does it seem right now
When you're looking from
A different perspective

Your footsteps sink into the ground
There's not much to go on
Fear of becoming just a dust is all around
It drags you down
Make yourself sure again
That's the only one step to your redemption

Pleasure changes to your perdition
But when you try to come back
Everything's just a huge waste of time
Of your helpless mind
Track Name: Tremor
Your hands are shaking
Heartbeat accompanies that devil inside you
All you can do is wait till he leaves

There’s no awakening
The game you chose to play
Takes so much more than you can give away

Nothing of that left
Only your compunction
Break the mirror
You still see your reflection

Your mind is falling apart
You are trying to put all the pieces
Back together

Who is to blame now?
You blame all the world
Take down all of them
Who are pushing you to your end

Feel the pain
Did you already forget?
Take all the shame that you cannot stand
and you do it again
There’s no way out

Am I awake or am I sleeping
I don’t know, I just want to get out
A moment that is not to remember
What is real? I can’t recognize
Am I awake or am I sleeping
Please take me out
Screaming inside, falling apart
It's over now
Track Name: Collapse within
Wide circles narrowed collapsed and disappeared
bridges were burned, and you were left here

Your wings have fallen apart
now you cannot fly to the other side

there’s no hand which can pull you out
and save you, you are losing without a fight

Sky is fading out
You fall hard on the ground
so you wish that you can fly
time to get back is running out

False hope is leading you back there
your mind is cursed, your faith is broken

Blind whisper is following you everywhere
quiet shadows surround you

You can run but they are still here
chasing you forever
haunted by the product of your lust

Caught in their arms
tied by your dreams
about the sky
Track Name: Will to find
There is an empty space in your head
You have to fight now and you surrendered instead
There is a lonely place in your soul
Your life is passing by
For you there is no tomorrow
Sitting in the corner
Filled by the fear
Hiding in your shelter
One day you will disappear

The sphere in which you live
The life that you’re just giving up
You are turning around
Where you left it all
Embrace the spirit
To which you turned your back
He's your only saviour
He's the only one that you can trust

One step forward is two steps back
You´re standing against the wall
Which is bigger than your resolve
What is the place where I am
Sky full of black clouds
When will this end?
Track Name: Intoxicating
Overwhelm your thirst
For this little drop of the sweetest potion
That devil ever made
Do not pull your hand
Don’t listen to all the begging
Of your brain for return
Track Name: Vertical edge
Confidence is the only way
Your brain did not draw
And you are here today

All the doubts are already gone
They've never existed
Like your midnight sun

You're burning like a star
You're falling up and raising down
other white lies are right behind your eyes
blinded by the light of your life
Just for tonight

Your inevitable end
When you changed your mind
You could live a little less
But the life that is real

So much left to reveal
Everything you've reached
Spilled out like sand
Track Name: Erratic
You ramble through the streets
Like a sewer rat
Like an erratic ghost
You're a broken being
No one knows what you see
Things that are not real
Your beloved friends
They're talking and talking

What drives you forward to where you’re going
you have no home where someone is waiting
but you still need to run
what is the place you want to go to
what are you running from
all annoying voices
they are here again
they will never leave
they are part of you now

Look around
there is just empty room all around you
this is it, the last chapter of your misery

Endless confusion
you are falling to oblivion
pointless Illusion

light turns to dark
you're here alone
all voices are gone
Track Name: Enlightenment (goodbye wasted life)
A moment of a morning sunrise you will never see again
It’s your sad destiny
you had your chance like anybody else
Where did you make a mistake?
You know it well but you never chose the right way
Day by day
Many times you were down
One day you must stay on the ground where you belong

You´ve become a part of the other side
There is no return
Dead can't come alive
It's too late to cry
To think what you have done
And now it’s all gone

What do we live for?
Why do we have to fight?
You may find the answers but you still have to die
Is it better to live like you will never wake up again?
Now can you tell? Now you should understand

You'll be missing it so much
You've lived so fast, was it worth it?
Track Name: Epilogue
Is it wrong that you want more?
Maybe you had it all along.
You just couldn´t see it.