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released May 7, 2012

Stanislav Jelínek - guitar
Zuzana Jelínková - vocal
Dušan Mikulec - guitar
Filip Chudý - bass
Pavel Vantuch - keyboard, programming
Jan Kylar - drums

Miroslav Kolacia - violin, viola
Miroslav Havlík - cello
Josef Kozumplík - trumpet
Korny - growling

Very special guest:
Eliška Jelínková - vocal in "Čí to husičky"

Recorded at studio Šopa (December 2011 - January 2012)

Sound Engineer by Stanislav Valášek

Mixed & Mastered by Stanislav Valášek (February 2012)

Produced by Dying Passion & Stanislav Valášek

Design & Layout by Petr Štefek



all rights reserved


Dying Passion Sumperk, Czech Republic

Band is defined by Zuzana's stunning vocals, beautiful melodies, urgent guitars fused with poignant keyboard parts to form an untypical mixture of 70's psychadely, modern progressive rock energy with big dose of melancholy.

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Track Name: Path to the Land of Visions
You´re said to fancy behold my most secret dreams.
I cannot tell if I′m able to reveal
My mind itself is going to glimpse their pieces, cannot see them as the whole, they are sharp as a razor.
Long is the path to the land of visions.
Let yourself be seized by fear that´s gripping your soul.Plunge straight in the ice-storm
Listen well to its invocating roar as soon as the blood in your veins grows cold
You may be warmed up by awareness, you′ll be number one.

We′ll be flying, high in the air through night and day,
You can′t tell apart two different spells
the sun and stars don′t belong to the sky,
obscure clouds remains

Beyond the raging waters there´s our destiny
Where stone and stone unite in harmony
That´s where my relics dwell, there was my home
Where I had lived long time ago.

Memories float back in mind, like black crows.
Don′t look at me as tears are running down my face.
Here´s the well, further lives stream only muddy river
The pain of wound that´s never healing

Despite of being your guide, I′ve suddenly grown speechless.
I thought that next to you all will be different,
But there′s blood on my hands again,
After ages all comes back again....
Track Name: Thousands Eyes
I close my eyes before the world lamenting on its drug
As I am writing full-stop in the epilogue to all its victims

I close my eyes I don´t despise my weakness
because I´m sometimes sick
when feeling it rotating

Thousands eyes look down from the skies
But still, it´s turning no matter of its burden
What´s happened may happen again
Thousands eyes look down from the skies
Hey you out there, come and shake me
Shouting there´s no luck
That doesn´t grow out from pain

I close my eyes before the world, I am afraid, horrified
Too much prejudice, the scales keep swinging
I close my eyes for a humble moment you´re counting positives
– how many are there?
Sin everywhere, fear on the scales.

Desire and fear, (what) a silly combination
Swinging on the pans of the scales
So exciting, so intoxicating
However, there´s time to say! Thanks, no!"
Track Name: My Best Friend
I am myself the best friend of mine
I am all to me, no talking back
Having tripped myself up
I tend to get self-obsessed
Me myself, the best friend of mine
That´s what I am, the good and bad
Who am I and what?
A confessor and jester too
Keep smiling despite of pain
Nobody says "How do you do"
Perverted fate, eternal trap

I am forgetting the colour of my soul
I am a clockwork, who´s gonna wind me up
I used to play a merry song, now gone with time
Before I´m ground and melted
Sooner or later, yet still I long
To play for the last time
I do not beg for mercy or condolence
It is a chasm

The words of pain drown in spirit
And the world flees by all self-absorbed behind the curtain
The inner fight for the peace of soul rages in the roar for the lied-up
No hope for ceasefire.

Smile at me and wish me rest
Depression has its positives
They´re birth pangs of a smile
Stab my heart and catch the blood
I´ve reached my hands at the grievous moment
Tomorrow is near, hopefully better
Track Name: Back of Beyond
A snow covered landscape is calling him
What is its spell he cannot tell
White is the country, the plains and forests
What´s the mystery out there?
Glittery snow is ringing on the road
What will he find if he walk it down?
Such a soothing voice, let him set on

Dreaming of all
Mysterious trips he might go into the wild

When the mornings come
Sun rays creep in through
Iceclad windows, mourning skies
All senses wake with pain
The scene has darkened, raising thoughts
Not invocating an angel, there isn´t any around
The darkened land is raising thoughts
he begin invocating her, her silence is frost

Dreaming of all
Mysterious trips he might go into the wild
He wants to flee from the greedy world
Into the wild, out of the blue
Burn bridges down, start a brand new life
Back of beyond
Track Name: See the Bottom?
Past lullabies
Unheard of Universe
Stars growing cold
A million worlds you were dreaming of
They have disappeared
All have drowned in the pools of your private misery
All of your gifts melt in hangovers
Broken wings, a voiceless song,
Do slowly break out of the hard shelled soul, break out of the hard
Self-esteem leaves you as butterflies
Driven out by the wind that blows the dust in your face

Drowning wild shadows of your demons in wine
Seized in your despair
You feel deprived of wit and power
There´s no more of you

When all seems lost
You come so sound
All is fine, or vain
No one knows what turns next
The world´s falling on you
Taxing your will and sanity
You wake up and have to fight
To get you through the dayThe future´s a scaring ghost
It´s mouth is open wide
It screams of each of your wasted tries
To make talents come true

Fill Universe
Stars grow stone cold
Worlds in vertigo

They just pass
They all fly out
Leave you in tears
Over what you have missedPassing
Leave you no place to dream
Of what might have been
Track Name: Illusion
I am a dream rebel, a bodiless soul
I am a verbal irritator, quite excellent
I could wheedle out a blue moon of you
A sin of a nun, courageous plans
Of a suicide and a sunny place

I´m not soul stealer, I´m not the killer
I´m not entitled to take no matter how much I wish to
I am the imp of desire, the mirror of wishes
A humble illusion, so unexpected
Now and then here and gone
That´s my rule – not giving myself out!

I ′ve eaten another fruit of the forbidden tree
Nothing bad happened at the very moment, just immediate pleasure
The minor offences help me feel alive
At the end of the day I´m grateful to all my mischieving
Track Name: Electra
I prattle words in a range of phrases
But still there´s something missing over and over again
I am making a sentence, sequences of clauses
But the world is grey without a freak out

Stone cold we are acting the merry play
Love grows heavy behind
the barred windows, screaming from the bed
We briefly kiss each other our strict goodbye
And days pass by without embrace – a silent cortege

So I keep on my mere prattling, killing time
No matter how sad, I hide my feelings
It´s necessary to live in order, to sail one ship
Drown my own betrayal and lie to myself
Live for the lie and rest in peace
Track Name: A Strange Something
I am a strange something, a blur in the crowd
Carrying a donkey head on my shoulders
A strange something without a wish of my own
What should I pray for, being faithless
A strange something without a soul, without a head
Without clothes and barefoot, weary and sick

I am a strange something secretly dying
The emptiness is killing me, nobody asks
I am a strange something without a spirit and faceless
Nobody´s gonna take from me what I do not boast of

I am a strange something covered in snow
I´m kind of asking you to ask me
A strange something oblivious to the world
Being asked "Who are you?" I reply

I am a strange something secretly dying
The emptiness is killing me, nobody asks
I am a strange something without a spirit and faceless
Nobody´s gonna Nobody´s gonna take from me
what I do not boast of
Track Name: Two of Us Alone
Just the two of us alone and the world passing by
me and my pain
the engine shaking with a roar
on the road through a dark forest
Just the two of us alone – it´s always been like this
all melted in one piece
I´ve given up far so much
what´s going to be next?
Just the two of us alone and the bend is coming
my eyes are getting weary
for a little moment on
we are getting to the finish
Just the two of us alone when night turns to dawn
we felt the crash
hey, why all the anger
Just me myself alone escaped and started to run